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Playfulness and exploration is the base of any creative, in any genre, anywhere. If you love arts and want to live in more colors, surrounded by wonderful hand crafted pieces that switch on your inspiration for whatever your project is, check out our store! Discover unique crafts and fashion from talented artists around the world.

If you are an artist looking for likeminded peers and a place to offer your works of art designed with love, hit me up, it would be amazing to connect!

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Welcome to the sunny world of NinaSana!

This is not only a dynamic platform where art, craft and fashion meet, at NinaSana we are on a mission to cultural exchange and economic empowerment by connecting artists and creators globally.

That’s why our platform is all about 3 core principles…


Based in Darmstadt, Germany, NinaSana is a project that has just begun and is currently under construcion while enjoying a big long-term vision! While figuring out administrative tasks, this website is slowly growing, as also our social media channel is! To check it out, go to ninasana_official!

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NinaSana is looking for fitting partners!

Send us a message on Instagram if you’re interested!